Team introduction: Croatia


Team introduction: Croatia

croatia_logoThe introductory tour of players from the 35 nations that will compete in the 2015 European Team Chess Championship continues.

It is worth mentioning that the participating nations have until October 12th to confirm the exact team lists with all names; the player lists might change until that date.

Today we introduce the Croatian team.

The team is led by the young and talented GM Ivan Saric (2678). He has played in three previous ETC Championships, his first being the 2009 in Novi Sad. Additionally he has played in three Chess Olympiads since 2010, the last on in Norway marking his career’s biggest win, when he managed to beat the World Champion, GM Magnus Carlsen! Playing with him are the highest rated Croatian players, as the team consists of the top 5 highest rated players in the country!


The open team

  1. GM Ivan Saric (2678)
  2. GM Hrvoje Stevic (2600)
  3. GM Zdenko Kozul (2614)
  4. GM Mladen Palac (2591)
  5. GM Ante Brikic (2597)

Captain: GM Goran Dizdar


We wish our dear friends from Croatia best of luck in the championship!

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