Team introduction: England


Team introduction: England

ecf_logoThe introductory tour of players from the 35 nations that will compete in the 2015 European Team Chess Championship continues.

It is worth mentioning that the participating nations have until October 12th to confirm the exact team lists with all names; the player lists might change until that date.

Today we introduce the English teams.

The 1997 Champions are sending two experienced teams to the competition; the term experienced lacking somewhat in depth if intended to describe the teams. The open team is led by the renowned Grand master Michael Adams (2742), England’s highest rated player and playing on 2nd board is renowned Grand master Nigel Short (2678) – Both played in the gold-winning team of 1997. Playing with them are experienced GM’s who all belong to England’s top 6 highest rated players.

The woman team is led by IM Jovanka Houska (2372), one of the most active national-team players. She played in every Chess Olympiad from 1998 to 2010 and the 2014 Olympiad in Tromso, eight in total. Since 1999 she played in all ETCC until 2011, seven in total, making the 2015 ETCC the 8th Championship.

The open team

  1. GM Michael Adams (2742)
  2. GM Nigel Short (2678)
  3. GM Gawain Jones (2623)
  4. GM David Howell (2705)
  5. GM Luke McShane (2674)

Captain: GM Peter Wells

The Woman team

  1. IM Jovanka Houska (2372)
  2. IM Dagne Ciuksyte (2354)
  3. WIM Sabrina Chevannes (2081)
  4. WIM Zivile Sarakauskiene (2145)
  5. WFM Kanwal Bhatia (2072)

Captain: GM Jon Speelman

We wish our English friends best of luck in the championship!

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