Dear participants and guests.

The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you as our guests to the closing ceremony and award presentation of the 2015 European Team Chess Championship which is scheduled on Sunday 22nd November at 20:00 pm at Silfurberg confrence hall at the Harpa Concert Hall complex.

Please note that food will not be served at the event.

Transport is provided from the hotels to Harpa and back at the following departure times.

From the Hotels:

  • From Grand Hotel at 19:40
  • From Hotel Hilton at 19:20
  • From Hotel Cabin at 19:20
  • From Reykjavík Lights at 19:20

From Harpa:

Transport from Harpa to the hotels leaves at 22:00 after the Ceremony

There will be two trips from Hotel Hilton, Hotel Cabin and Reykjavík Lights. Please be at the hotel lobby‘s at the above stated departure times to guarantee transport to Harpa.

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