The Icelandic Backgammon Association is hosting a backgammon tournament on the free-day (November 18th) at the tournament-hall, Laugardalshöll. The tournament starts at 14.00.

The system of the tournament is single elimination with second chance, matches to 7 points.

Entry fee is €40, €10 of which goes to the Icelandic Backgammon Association.

The prices are as follows:

  • 50% goes to the winner
  • 25% goes to second
  • 25% goes to winner of the second chance tournament.

The I.B.A. will also organize a Jackpot tournament with 4-8 players, with knock-out format with and entry fee of €15. The matches in the jackpot tournament are up to 5 points.

A registration-form will be at the tournament-hall, Laugardalshöll. Also is possible to pre-register to

Those who own their own backgammon set are encouraged to bring them to the tournament.

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