It is our great honour and privilege to welcome all the nations of Europe to the 2015 European Team Chess Championship, which will be played in the legendary chess-capital of the Northern hemisphere, Reykjavík!

The Icelandic Chess Federation under the auspices of the European Chess Union organizes the European Team Chess Championship which will be held from November 12th (day of arrival) until November 22nd 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The official venue will be the Reykjavik’s Laugardalshöll arena, which was the playing hall of the Match of Century in 1972, between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky.

Each national federation affiliated with the European Chess Union (ECU) has the right to enter one team of four (4) players and one (1) reserve in the open competition and one team of four (4) female players and one (1) reserve in the women’s competition.

The Championship will be played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds, with one open section and one section for the women’s teams, The time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 second increment for every move played, starting from move one.

The total prize fund is 20.000 EUR, with 5.000 EUR first prize in both sections. The first three teams in both sections will receive trophies and medals.


For all the information you can contact Icelandic Chess Federation at


European Team Chess Championship

November 12th – November 22nd 2015

Reykjavik, Iceland


 1.                ORGANIZER

The Icelandic Chess Federation under the auspices of the European Chess Union.


2.                DATE, VENUE, SCHEDULE

2.1 The Championship will be held from November 12th (day of arrival) until November 22nd 2015 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

2.2 The Championship will be held in Reykjavik’s Laugardalshöll arena, which was the playing hall of the Match of Century in 1972, between Fischer and Spassky.

2.3 Coffee, tea and water will be provided in the playing hall free of charge.

2.4 The Captains’ meeting will take place on November 12th 9 p.m. at the tournament hall, Laugardalshöll.

2.5 Schedule






Thursday November 12th Arrival
Thursday November 12th 21:00 22:00 Captains meeting
Friday November 13th 14:30 15:00 Opening Ceremony
Friday November 13th 15:00 21:00 Round 1
Saturday November 14th 15:00 21:00 Round 2
Sunday November 15th 15:00 21:00 Round 3
Monday November 16th 15:00 21:00 Round 4
Tuesday November 17th 15:00 21:00 Round 5
Wednesday November 18th Free day
Thursday November 19th 15:00 21:00 Round 6
Friday November 20th 15:00 21:00 Round 7
Saturday November 21st 15:00 21:00 Round 8
Sunday November 22nd 11:00 17:00 Round 9
Sunday November 22nd 20:00 22:00 Closing Ceremony
Monday November 23rd Departure


The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, if deemed necessary by the Chief Arbiter and/or the European Chess Union.


3.                PARTICIPATION

Each national federation affiliated with the European Chess Union (ECU) has the right to enter one team of four (4) players and one (1) reserve in the open competition and one team of four (4) female players and one (1) reserve in the women’s competition.


4.                SYSTEM AND RATE OF PLAY

4.1 The European Team Championship shall be played according to the Swiss System in 9 rounds, with one open section and one section for the women’s teams, each considered as separate competitions.

4.2 According to ECU and FIDE rules, the time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 second increment for every move played, starting from the first move.


5.                SPECIAL RULES

5.1 Players may only agree to a draw after the 40th move has been made by black. Players violating this rule will be forfeited. If a player is offered a draw before the 40th move has been made by black, he should call an arbiter. His opponent shall be punished for distracting, according to the FIDE Laws of Chess.

5.2 Any player who arrives at the chessboard 15 minutes or later after the start of the session, shall lose the game.

5.3 All the team captains shall be FIDE licensed trainers.


6.                TIE-BREAK SYSTEM

The order of teams that finish with the same number of match points shall be determined by application of the following tie-breaking procedures in sequence, proceeding from (a) to (b) to (c) to (d), the extent required:

  • By the sum of Sonneborn-Berger points,  which  is calculated  as follows: match points of each opponent, excluding the opponent who scored the lowest number of match points, multiplied by the number of board points scored against each opponent respectively. The highest number wins;
  • By the number of board points won, the highest number wins;
  • By the sum of the board points of all team’s opponents, the highest number wins;
  • By the sum of the board points of all opponents defeated plus one half of the board points of all the opponents with which a tied result was achieved, the highest number wins.


7.                DRESS CODE

The ECU Rule related to dress code will be applied at this competition


8.                ECU ENTRY FEE

8.1 In accordance with ECU regulations, an entry fee of 260 Euro is required for each open national team and another 260 Euro for each women’s national team.

8.2 According to the ECU regulations (Art. B.9.5.1), the entry fee shall be paid by the federations to the ECU bank account before or at the start of the competition. If the entry fee has not reached the ECU´s bank account by the end of round 2, these teams will not be paired in subsequent rounds.

8.3 The ECU fees must be paid to the account of the European Chess Union:

  • Bank: Credit Suisse, Postfach 357, CH – 6301 Zug
  • Account number: 1835105-42
  • Holder: European Chess Union
  • National Bank Code: 4835
  • IBAN Code: CH3604835183510542000


9.                PRIZES

9.1 The first three teams in the open and women’s sections will each receive trophies.  Each member of the winning team (players, reserves and captain) in each section will receive a gold medal. The members of the second and third placed teams in each section will each receive a silver and bronze medal, respectively.

Teams Prizes


Open Teams

Women Teams

1st € 5.000 € 5.000
2nd € 3.000 € 3.000
3rd € 2.000 € 2.000


9.2 In the event of ties, monetary prizes will be shared.

9.3 Individual prizes will be awarded for each board including reserve for first three places. Board prizes will be in-kind prizes.

9.4 All players and team captains are to take part in the opening and closing ceremony. If one (player, member or captain of a team) of the prize-winners is absent during the closing ceremony, his money prize will be reduced by 20% with a minimum of 100 Euro. Any other prize (medal, trophy, in kind) will not be awarded as long as a penalty of 100 Euro per player (or captain) has not been paid.



10.1 The national federations are kindly requested to fill the registration from at the website ( as soon as possible. The organizers encourage the teams to do so no later than August 1st 2015, as it is not possible to guarantee the hotel rates after that date.

The final deadline for registration is however September 12th.  It is also possible to use the Excel –form, which is attached, or can be found at our website. The form can be sent to the e-mail

10.2 Please notice that applications have to be sent by the national federations, only.

10.3 The complete registration form must include surname/s, first name/s, FIDE ID number, FIDE rating and title, passport number of each player/captain and head of delegation. It must also include the name and email/ of the person in charge of the Federation.

10.4 All participants (players, captains, accompanying persons, etc.) must send the photos for badges by email to:

10.5 Teams will not be registered until all their registration details have been satisfactorily submitted.

10.6 Not later than October 12th each participating federation shall confirm the exact team lists with all names. The list must be sent to the Organizer and ECU Tournament Director.

10.7 Late Entries: Applications received after September 12th 2015, may be refused the entry, or may be subject to an additional entry fee (at least equal to reimbursement of extra costs incurred by the organizers).

10.8 Every team has to pay a registration fee of 90 Euro to the organizers for each participant/coach/accompanying person. This payment is obligatory for all and its prepayment represents a confirmation of participation. The fee should be paid not later than August 1st 2015.

10.9  The organizers offer free entrance (waiving of the registration fee) to the European Small Nations (FIDE Zone 10.1).


11.          FLIGHT

11.1 The international airport in Iceland is Keflavik Airport which was chosen the best airport in Europe in 2014 by, Airports Council International. From there it´s about 45-minutes’ drive to Reykjavik’s city center.

11.2 It is easy to flight to Iceland from various destinations. Plenty of airlines offer scheduled flights to Iceland.

11.3 Nowadays it is not expensive to fly to Iceland if ordered with descent notice. Most frequent flights to Iceland are from London, Copenhagen and Oslo. Good connection can be found from Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris etc.

11.4 The website is recommended by the organizers to find flights to Iceland.

11.5 It is recommended that the individual federations book and purchase their flights as soon as possible to avoid additional costs.



12.1 The Organizers offer accommodations in the following hotels. The organizers cannot guarantee these prices after August 1st.

12.2 Please notice that we have limited numbers of rooms in some of the hotels. First come – first served.

12.3 ICF will not complete hotel-bookings until payments have been made to organizers.

12.4 The hotels – All prices in euros.

Full board

Bed and brekfast










Hotel Hilton 4 750 m. €139 €224 €112 N/A N/A N/A
Grand Hotel 4 750 m. €169 €238 €119 N/A N/A N/A
Reykjavik Lights 3 550 m. €119 €170 €85 N/A N/A N/A
Hotel Cabin (standard) 2 1.300 m. €69 €90 €45 €44 €50 €25
Hotel Cabin (superior) 2 1.300 m. €109 €150 €75 €84 €100 €50
Centerhotel Plaza 3 Bus (10-15 minutes) N/A N/A N/A €85 €88 €44
Centerhotel Midgardur 4 Bus (10-15 minutes) N/A N/A N/A €79 €82 €41
Centerhotel Arnarhvoll 3 Bus (10-15 minutes) N/A N/A N/A €95 €98 €49


More detailed information about each and every hotel can be found at the website (

12.5 The organizer can only guarantee accommodation for official hotels when the reservation and payment has been made on time. Regarding this, we are advising all federations to make all necessary reservations and payments no later than August 1st.

12.6 Players and accompanying persons, who choose another hotel than the official ones, will take the risk of losing their transportation to their hotels and playing venue and all official tournament information.


13.          LOCAL TRANSPORT

13.1 The organizers will provide bus transportation from Keflavik Airport to the official hotels on November 12th and back on November 23rd. The price is included in registration fee.

13.2 Players and accompanying persons, who make private transport arrangements, should clearly indicate this in writing at the time of registration. They will be fully responsible for any problems experienced during their arrival, departure, and transportation to the venue of the Championship during rounds of play.

13.3 The organizers will offer a free transportation from Center Hotels to and from the playing hall.


14.          PAYMENTS

14.1 At the time of registration, all payments (hotel and registration fee) have to be completed by bank transfer before August 1st 2015 to the following bank account:

  • Holder: Icelandic Chess Federation
    (Skaksamband Islands)
    Faxafen 12, 108 Reykjavik
  • Bank: Landsbankinn, Austurstraeti
  • IBAN number: IS44 0133 3871 0117 5802 6954 09

14.2 The entry fee is to be received by ICF/ECU/the organizers net of any commissions charged by overseas corresponding banks. If it is not paid, the organizers will charge the respective participants and the payment must be made in full before the end of the second round.

14.3 All payments paid are not refundable. However, force majeure might, in extreme cases, be considered when organizer can retrieve the funds from the hotel.


15.          RECEPTION

Photo badges for every player, captains and accompanied persons will be given to head of delegation at the information desk at the airport.

Captains’ meeting will be on November 12th at 21:00 at the playing hall.



November has daily highs around 4°C  throughout the month, exceeding 9°C or dropping below -1°C only one day in ten on average.

The most common forms of precipitation are moderate rain, moderate snow, and light snow.

Typical wind speeds vary from 2 m/s to 11 m/s (light breeze to fresh breeze).


17.          ELECTRICITY

The standard voltage in Iceland is 220 Volts with Euro plugs.



The currency unit is the Icelandic krona (ISK). Convertible foreign currency may be exchanged at the airport, in all banks and exchange offices. All major credit cards are welcomed everywhere in Iceland. The rate on May 1st was about €1 = 150 ISK.


19.          INSURANCE

All participants (players, captains, heads of delegations, accompanying persons, etc.) have to insure themselves for health and accident risk for the period of the championship.


20.          MEDICAL CARE

During the Tournament there will be Medical Services.


21.          VISAS

21.1 Iceland is a member of the Schengen Agreement.

21.2 The organisers will not be responsible for issuing an invitation for visa purpose if the necessary information (last name, first name, passport number, date of issue and validity) and scanned copy of the passport are submitted after August 15th 2015 and payments are not completed.

21.3 Members of national federation requiring visas are requested to contact the organizers at email:



Names of the Chief Arbiter and the members of the Appeal Committee will be announced not later than October 31st 2015.


23.          INFORMATION

Icelandic Chess Federation
Faxafen 12
108 Reykjavik


The official tournament website:

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