Laugardalshöll – Sports and Exhibition Center

Laugardalshöll is located in Laugardalur Sports Park in Reykjavík, close to down town.  The hall is used for all major indoor sporting events, handball, basketball and athletics, as well as for other events, concerts and trade-shows.

Built in 1960´s and extended in the year 2006, Laugardalshöll (total 20,000 sq. meters) became number ona sports and exhibition centre in Reykjavik.  Laugardalshöll is located in the very center of Reykjavík with walking distance of less than few minutes from several major hotels and attractions.  Its flexibility makes the arena suitable to a wide variety of sport events, including pop concerts and large classical events, family entertainment as well as conferences, trade shows, banquets and corporate events.

Laugardalshöllin has maximum capacity of 11,000 people, due to its flexibility the arena can be arranged to provide a more intimate environment if needed.  Several additional rooms surrounding the main hall may also be utilized to create a range of combinations for conferences, exhibitions, workshops, catering areas and entertainment.  Laugardalshöll contains over 700 sq. meters of mixed sizes of conferences rooms, this rooms can be split up to six different sizes that can be used for 40 up to 400 people in meetings or other events.  Conferences room are equipped with PA system, projector and access to Wi-Fi, other equipment can varies by type of exhibition.

The World Chess Championship in year 1972 between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky took place in the Laugardalshöll – More.

Key Features:

Hall A – 1600 sq. meters – floor space

  • 1286 seat on balcony
  • 1000 seat on movable bench
  • 1800 chairs
  • Standing concerts / events – 5,500
  • In seats – 3,000

Hall B – 5000 sq.meters – floor space

  • 400 seat on movable bench
  • 4500 chairs
  • Standing concerts / events – 11,000
  • In seats – 4,500
  • 6 changeable conference rooms
  • PA system – Access to Wi-Fi
  • Free parking

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