Team introduction: Austria


Team introduction: Austria

austriaWe continue our introduction of the players from the 35 nations that will compete in the 2015 European Team Chess Championship in Reykjavík in November.

Today we introduce the Austrian teams.

Both Austrian teams mean business in the competition, and are close to having the strongest line-up available, with GM Markus Ragger (2695), the highest rated Austrian player, leading the open team and GM David Shengelia (2581), the second highest rated player on 2nd board. WGM Regina Theissl Pokorna (2355), the second highest rated female, leads the very strong woman team, with almost all the players belonging to the top 10.

The open team

  1. GM Markus Ragger (2695)
  2. GM David Shengelia (2581)
  3. IM Robert Kreisl (2440)
  4. IM Mario Schachinger (2435)
  5. IM Georg Froewis (2420)

Captain: GM Zoltan Ribli

Women team:

  1. WGM Regina Theissl Pokorna (2355)
  2. WIM Anna-Christina Kopinits (2231)
  3. WFM Veronika Exler (2196)
  4. WFM Katharina Newrkla (2200)
  5. WFM Anna-Lena Schnegg (2080)

We wish our Austrian friends best of luck in the championship!

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