Deutscher_Schachbund_LogoNow that the registration window has closed, we will start introducing the players from the 35 nations that will compete in the 2015 European Team Chess Championship in Reykjavík in November.

Today we introduce the German teams.

Germany, the championship winners of 2011 (Porto Carras), have a very strong line-up, led by GM Meier (2656) and including the former FIDE world-champion GM Kasimdzhanov (2704) as the coach of the open team! The women team is led by IM Elisabeth Paehtz (2452), their highest ranked female chess player!

The open team

  1. GM Georg Meier (2656)
  2. GM Daniel Fridman (2642)
  3. GM Liviu Dieter Nisipenau (2678)
  4. GM Rainer Buhmann (2612)
  5. GM Dennis Wagner (2579)
  • Captain: GM Dorian Rogozenco (2526)
  • Coach: Rustam Kasimdzhanov (2704)

Women team:

  1. IM Elisabeth Paehtz (2452)
  2. WGM Zoya Schleining (2358)
  3. WIM Filz Osmanodja (2309)
  4. WGM Melanie Ohme (2308)
  5. Josefine Heinemann (2244)
  • Captain: IM Davit Lobzhandidze (2423)
  • Coach: GM Philipp Schlosser (2568)

We wish our German friends best of luck in the championship!

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