Team introduction: Hungary


Team introduction: Hungary

hungary_logoThe introductory tour of players from the 35 nations that will compete in the 2015 European Team Chess Championship continues.

It is worth mentioning that the participating nations have until October 12th to confirm the exact team lists with all names; the player lists might change until that date.

Today we introduce Hungarian teams.

Hungary is sending two strong teams to the ETCC in Reykjavík. The final board list of the players has not been decided yet, therefore the players are presented in alphabetical order. Historically Hungary has had great success in the ETCC and has finished in the top 5 in the last couple of competitions.


The open team

  • GM Zoltan Almasi (2689)
  • GM Csaba Balogh (2657)
  • GM Ferenc Berkes (2648)
  • GM Peter Leko (2707)
  • GM Richard Rapport (2663)

Captain: GM Judith Polgar
Coach: GM Gabor Papp

The Woman team

  • WGM Ticia Gara (2370)
  • IM Ildiko Madl (2361)
  • WGM Petra Papp (2290)
  • IM Anna Rudolf (2329)
  • IM Szidonia Vajda (2352)

Captain: GM Róbert Ruck
Coach: GM Gabor Papp

We wish our dear friends from Hungary best of luck in the championship!

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