logo_italiaThe introductory tour of players from the 35 nations that will compete in the 2015 European Team Chess Championship continues.

It is worth mentioning that the participating nations have until October 12th to confirm the exact team lists with all names; the player lists might change until that date.

Today we introduce the Italian teams.

Both Italian teams are close to being exclusively the highest rated players in the country; the players in the open team all from the top 7 and the woman team having a line up from the top 4, accompanied by the 17-year-old WFM Alesssia Santeramo (2105).

GM Daniele Vocaturo (2570), Italy’s 3rd Grand master is leading the open team. This is not his first visit to Reykjavík, as he got his 2nd GM-norm in the Reykjavík Open in March of 2009.

The talented IM Olga Zimina (2368) is leading the women team. She is very experienced in team competitions, having played in five Chess Olympiads and three European Team Championships. Additionally she has played in eight Mitropa cups, winning four golds with her team since 2008.


The open team

  1. GM Daniele Vocaturo
  2. GM Sabino Brunello (2550)
  3. GM Danyyil Dvirnyy (2543)
  4. GM Axel Rombaldoni (2528)
  5. GM Michele Godena (2513)

Captain: GM Artur Kogan

Women team:

  1. IM Olga Zimina (2368)
  2. IM Elena Sedina (2320)
  3. FM Marina Brunello (2298)
  4. WFM Daniela Movileanu (2221)
  5. WFM Alessia Santeramo (2105)

Captain: GM Lexy Ortega

We wish our Italian friends best of luck in the championship!

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