Team introduction: Spain


Team introduction: Spain

spann_logoNow we introduce the Spanish teams.

The Open team is led by the strong GM, Francisco Vallejo Pons (2684). Playing with him are strong GM’s from Spain’s top 6 highest rated players.

The Woman team is led by IM Sabrina Vega Gutierrez (2391), an experienced national team player.


The open team

  • GM Francisco Vallejo Pons (2684)
  • GM David Anton Guijarro (2634)
  • GM Ivan Salgado Lopez (2615)
  • GM Miguel Illescas Cordoba (2602)
  • GM Renier Vazquez Igarza (2565)

Captain: GM Jordi Magem Badals

The Woman team

  • IM Sabrina Vega Gutierrez (2391)
  • IM Ana Matnadze (2353)
  • WIM Niala Collazo Hidalgo-Gato (2259)
  • WGM Monica Calzetta Ruiz (2252)
  • WIM Yudania Hernandez Estevez (2207)

Captain: IM David Martinez Martin

We wish our dear friends from Spain best of luck in the championship!

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