Team introduction: The Netherlands


Team introduction: The Netherlands

knsb-logoThe introductory tour of players from the 35 nations that will compete in the 2015 European Team Chess Championship continues.

It is worth mentioning that the participating nations have until October 12th to confirm the exact team lists with all names; the player lists might change until that date.

Today we introduce the Netherlands.

The 2005 ETC Champions are sending two very strong teams to Reykjavík.

The Open team consists of five very strong Grand masters, led by the world nr. 5, GM Anish Giri (2798). GM Giri need’s no introduction, as he is a world-renowned Grand master and one of the strongest players in the world. He previously played in two ETC Championships, in 2011 and 2013, playing on the 1st board on both occasions. His teammates are all renowned GM’s, including GM Erwin l’Ami (2619) who won the 2014 Reykjavik Open with a fantastic performance.

The Woman team is led by the extremely experienced GM Zhaoqin Peng (2376). GM Peng has played in almost every Chess Olympiad since 1988, only missing the 1996 one. She played for China from 1988 – 1994, and  moved to the Netherlands in 1996 for whom she has played in each Olympiad since, always on board 1. Additionally she has played in 7 ETC Championships since 2001, making this year the 8th. Her best performance was in 2007 when the Netherlands won the Woman Championship and GM Peng winning a gold medal for her performance on the 1st board.

The open team

  1. GM Anish Giri (2798)
  2. GM Loek Van Wely (2632)
  3. GM Ivan Sokolov (2642)
  4. GM Sergey Tiviakov (2612)
  5. GM Erwin l’Ami (2619)

Captain: GM Vladimir Tukmakov

The Woman team

  1. GM Zhaoqin Peng (2376)
  2. WGM Anne Haast (2384)
  3. WGM Bianca Muhren (2300)
  4. WIM Lisa Schut (2262)
  5. IM Tea Lanchava (2276)

Captain: GM Mykhaylo Oleksiyenko

We wish our dear friends from the Netherlands best of luck in the championship!

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